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Iron Fire Martial Arts: Iron is forged in fire and the steel is shaped through many iterations to become what it's designed to be. Iron Fire Martial Arts students are taken on a journey considered the "old way" of training Kuntao and Silat in Indonesia. This way is not easy and there is no substitute for practice, effort and some pain. The rewards on this path are many and can only be explained through growth and achievement. 

Kuntao Silat de Thouars: Kuntao is a term used to describe Chinese Kung Fu that made its way to different areas of Southeast Asia. Our Kuntao was taught to my teacher in Indonesia. Kuntao is a brutal art with an emphasis on low stances and crashing through opponents. Silat (Pencak Silat) comes in many different forms and originated in areas such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, and even into the Philippines. Silat is a very unique and close range art that combines the use of many different bladed weapons. Kuntao and Silat are truly the perfect marriage and together they are extremely effective for self defense situations. 

Current Offerings: 

Personal online martial arts/self defense instruction.

Available for online group teaching seminars.

Benefits of Martial Arts: Martial arts has given me increased physical and mental strength and improved ability. I also continue to have great body flexibility and increased range of motion. Martial arts will teach you safety and awareness and how to defend yourself. Lastly, its just FUN! ~Guru Colby

Head Instructor: Guru/Sifu Colby Bock

Experience: Over 34 years of martial arts experience with over 12 years of student instruction.

Colby is also a US Military Veteran with 6 years active duty.

Certificates: Certified Senior Instructor by Grandmaster Willem de Thouars to teach Kuntao Silat de Thouars & Makao Kuntao Serak-Silat

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Tribute to Grandmaster Willem deThouars

Willem de Thouars is a Dutch-Indonesian born in 1936. He is a humble man with a contagious smile. He is welcoming, caring and full of great stories of experiences throughout his life. Underneath his amazing personality is one of the most skilled martial arts masters I have ever encountered. For those that have had the privilege to learn or "cross hands" in training with him, they will tell you that he is the ultimate master of his craft. He trains martial arts daily and has coined the phrase "Shut up and Train" to remind people that talk is cheap.

The people closest to Willem are asked to refer to him as "Uncle Bill". This is a testament to his humble nature. He often mentions that he is fulfilling his duty to his teachers and passing on their teachings and legacy of Chinese Kuntao, Indonesian Pencak Silat/Serak, fencing, boxing, Corsican blade work and other arts. He looks down at his hands in our class and says "I wear the lessons of my teachers in the palms of my hands and now I am passing these on to you."


I have the great privilege to be training directly with Master Willem de Thouars in Thornton, Colorado, USA. I am honored to pass on what he has taught to me and I swear to wear his teachings and lessons in the palms of my hands.


~Guru Colby Bock

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Join us in our online (live) weekly group training!  


Our Instructor has also spent hundreds if not thousands of hours creating an online training platform for students. He can provide you instruction through pre-recorded online video based workouts. You will know what you need to practice and how. This approach combined with our weekly online instruction has really been benefitting our students. This allows you to learn and practice in the convenience of your own space at your own pace.


You can also submit videos of yourself and questions directly to our instructor for feedback and guidance to ensure you have the tools necessary to be successful.

Contact us for pricing options and let's get you started learning one of the most effective self-defense martial arts!

Our Head Instructor Guru Colby Bock is available for online seminars and online martial arts camps. Colby has a down to earth way of helping people understand some of the most technical concepts and techniques that make Kuntao Silat de Thouars such an effective martial art. 

Colby understands learning from your living room, garage or backyard and viewers won't be disappointed.

Contact us for pricing options and give your viewers the opportunity to experience some of the flavor of Kuntao Silat de Thouars!

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